2015 Summit County Breckies

2015 has come to an end, which for many of us is really exciting! WAHHHHOOOOO 2016! Anyways, We Are Breck has decided to give out our first annual Breckie awards. These are what Molly and Drew felt were the best of all things Breckenridge in 2015. There was much heated debate about some of these awards, many hours spent deliberating, even more time spent researching the amazing elements of Breckenridge. Without further adieu, the 2015 Breckies.

The 2015 Best Restaurants Breckenridge: The 2015 Breckies

Best Fine Dining Restaurants

Ember Breckenridge

Ember Breckenridge

1. Ember Scotty Boshaw is the best chef in Breckenridge. His front of the house crew is absolutely phenomenal, and they are so dialed in it is scary good. Todd finished second in the Best Of for bartender, and that seems like a mistake, he is far and away the best in Summit County. One dinner in Breckenridge, go to Ember. One dinner left on earth, go to Ember.

2. Relish Coming in a very close second place is Relish. The view, deck, and happy hour at Relish are probably better than Ember. Never had anything less than fantastic at Relish. Keep the amazing food coming, duck that is that second to none, and great lobster sliders and Ember might be in this spot next year.

3. Twist (blog coming soon) While Ember and Scotty claimed the Gold, Matt Fackler takes Bronze and Silver. Matt owns both Relish and Twist. Twist has a great patio and offers a twist on comfort food. Happy Hour is a must and don’t be scared to take on these unique dishes that push your views on tradition.

Extremely Honorable Mention: The Warming Hut

Best Casual Dinning
Angels Hollow  It is kinda a local secret. Oh crap, we said too much already. Lee and Deb are amazing and happy to have their local hotspot be a hidden gem.

2. Blue Stagg Once the Whale’s Tail, now a wonderful burger/pizza/wing/entree joint. The best thing about the Stagg is that it offers something for everyone. From Burgers, pizza and wings, to nicer fancier entrees, all is good at the Stagg.

3. The Warming Hut The Hut falls under the casual and fancier dining. I am a dirt bag though and feel comfortable walking in so, I say nice casual. Stacey has such a great vibe, it feels like home when you walk in, and the food is just amazing. Great summer patio as well.

Best Newcomber
1. Lolo Juice Healthy, fresh, and beautiful. Helping Max and Lorrie open this beautiful juice, smoothie, wrap restaurant spot has been incredible. The food is organic, tasty, and outside the box, the service is done with a genuine smile from the heart, and you leave feeling good in your mouth, stomach mind, and spirit. I highly recommend the pickles, apparently someone brilliant helped with the recipe. BRECKENRIDGE IS HAPPY TO HAVE YOU HERE!!!!
2.  Blue Stagg Did they in 2014? Maybe, but it worked its way into our frequenters list in 2015 so it counts. Got a problem with that? Start your own blog.
3. The Canteen the former Steak and Rib now turned pizza, burger, pub joint is a significant improvement from what it was, however, the flowers are nothing compared to S and R. A solid meal at an affordable price, with a great deck.

Best Lunch
1. Soupz On If you live in Breckenridge and don’t have either: 1. The daily soup menu on your favorites or 2. The Soup Line memorized (970-547-9791) something is wrong with you. The only thing better than the soup

2. Lolo Juice once these guys start rocking soup they become the heavy favorite for 2016 best lunch. The wraps are unique, fresh, healthy, and filling. Smoothies are overflowing with fruit and are absolutely lunch in a cup. Lolo is cleaning up at the 2015 Breckies!

3. Blue River Bistro I love their lunches, they are huge and affordable. Tomato basil bisque soup is a solid go to, the best salad in town, the Bistro salad with the champagne strawberry dressing.

Best Burger

Empire Burger

Photo Credit: Empire Burger

Empire Burger The name says it all. It is a solid burger incredible onion rings, and most importantly dipping sauces that need only a finger to be enjoyed. Great lunch spot, or late night drunk munchies.

Best Health Food
Lolo Juice:
 Get it, this place is insane good. The secret is getting out, and people are pleased.

Best Happy Hour Casual
Blue Stagg 
50cent wings get me every time. Also great to grab a pizza, good drink specials. A wonderful bartender named Meg G who is such a free spirit, just makes for a better overall experience.

Best Happy Hour Fancier
Relish A solid drink and an amazing app for $10, yes please. If you can get it in the summer being on the deck for happy hour is about as good as life gets. Jay will recant amazing tails and just-appropriate-enough jokes. Wonderful staff.

Best Breakfast
Amazing Grace The Opus with the chicken sausage, if you don’t know what I am talking about, go now. Amazing Grace is so charming and welcoming. Great small back deck for a great breakfast and wonderful conversations.

Best Brewery
Broken Compass 
The beer is so good! I don’t even like Porters but have put down far too many coconut porters. Always an IPA fan and they have it dialed in.

Congrats to all the winners! Happy eating Breck!